Affordable Treatments

Treatment Fees Will Consist of Three Separate Expenses:

Provider Fees:

Our practice is contracted with a few insurance providers, including Medicare and some BCBS plans.  If your plan is not one we are contracted with, you may be able to submit your treatment receipts to insurance for partial out-of-network reimbursement.  If  you plan to do this, please contact your insurance company first to find out how much they will reimburse you and whether this will work for you. Payment is expected at the time of service. 

Laboratory Fees:

Patients can anticipate that a urine drug screen will be preformed during each of their clinic visits for opioid dependence treatment.  In most cases, your insurance will cover these expenses.  We do not expect you to have any additional out-of-pocket expense for this service.

Medication Fees:

Most insurances provide coverage for the medications being prescribed at EVSH.  For patients that must pay for the medications out-of-pocket, there are different strategies and medications that can be used to make this affordable.